a conspiracy of icons #1 (inside the southern mansion)-view (2)-web

A Conspiracy of Icons #1(Inside the Southern Mansion), 1995

acrylic, wood, ceramic, mixed media on canvas
60" x 115"

a conspiracy of icons #1-web

A Conspiracy of Icons #1, 1991

acrylic, wood, metal, and mixed media on canvas
72" x 110"

a conspiracy of icons (icons from the new world)-view (2)-web

A Conspiracy of Icons (Icons from the New World), 1992-1993

acrylic and collage on canvas
72" x 84"

brer nancy and the weavers of monkey mountain- view (2)-web

Brer Nancy Series: Brer Nancy and the Weavers of Monkey Mountain, ca. 1995

mixed media on paper
30" x 40"

father dan view (2)-web

Human, Animal, Sphinx Series: Father Dan, 1996-2000

wax, wood, artificial hair
7" high

Sculpture by Donald Locke, Photo by twmeyer.com

Human, Animal, Sphinx Series: Prince, 1996-2000

12.5" high

Jesse- view (1)-web

Jesse, 1994-2002

wax with painted sticks, twig
53" x 13" x 78.5"

kaieteur escarpment-kaieteur falls-view (1)-web

Kaieteur Escarpment (Kaieteur Falls), 1991

acrylic, mixed media, and collage on canvas
69" x 52.5"

landscape with kwame n'krumah- view (1)

Landscape with Kwame N’Krumah, 1992

acrylic and collage on canvas
93" x 72"

monkey mountain series I- view (1)-web

Monkey Mountain Series I, 2003

collage, acrylic on paper mounted on canvas
16" x 11"

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